Aditya Bhoomi

At Aditya Academy Secondary School, we leave no stones unturned to make sure that our children enjoy and experience an all-round growth. They must be fully aware of their immediate society and the culture surrounding them. With this vision, Aditya Academy Secondary School has taken a unique initiative to make the students aware and appreciative of the  elementary fuel for the human body –FOOD.

Food is something that is needed for everyone’s survival but most of us are unaware of the facts like its production process and healthy ways to storing and consuming. Most importantly, a lot of us are still very ignorant of the value of nature that produces it.

Aditya Bhoomi is an initiative designed to inculcate knowledge and awareness about food and agriculture among students in collaboration with FAIDA(Food & Agriculture Integrated Development Action), an initiative of agriculturist Mr. Sukumar Sarkar.

FAIDA is an organization which stands for the amalgamation of the rural and the urban, science and nature. Collaborating with Aditya Group, FAIDA will help train our students through special classes and practice about the various process of organic farming upholding the need and benefits of the organic processes at the facility Aditya Bhoomi, an 18 acres land spread, exclusively developed for organic farming.

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