The school offers a series of updated and dedicated state-of-the-art laboratories for subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science to help enhance the curious, innovative and experimental young minds.

Laboratory work is considered essential in promoting students’ inquisitiveness on the various aspects of science. The Physics and Chemistry Labs boast of the best in class equipment and instructors who have been specially trained to nurture the marvels of science in the minds of the students. The school also has a well-equipped Computer Lab so that students can learn the finer details of the subject and upgrade their analytical skills.

A unique facility offered by Aditya Academy Secondary School, which thereby makes it a unique CBSE school in Kolkata, is the Fashion Lab and the Language Lab. While the options can be provided in any of the CBSE affiliated schools, it is in Aditya Academy Secondary School that  provides  students with tremendous opportunities for applying creativity and innovation in the field of Fashion and creative language applications.

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