Faculty Of Secondary Section (Pgt)

1. Manasi Dutta Ghosh PGT M.A,B.Ed
2. Suchita Ghoh PGT M.A,GDCA,B.Ed
3. Mili Bhattacharya PGT M.A,B.Ed
4. Susmi Marick (Das gupta) PGT M.com,M.phd
5. Chandan Mandal PGT M.sc,B.Ed
6. Dipankar Ghosh PGT M.sc,B.Ed
7. Saheli Ghosh Kanjilal PGT M.A,B.Ed
8. Rumna Majumdar PGT M.sc,B.Ed
9. Debamala Das gupta PGT M.A,B.Ed
10. Sampa Ghosh PGT M.A,B.Ed
11. Moutui Das gupta PGT M.A,B.Ed
12. Pankaj Mishra PGT M.sc,(IT),B.Ed
13. Chaitali Chatterjee PGT M.sc,B.Ed
14. Shreya Sarkar PGT M.sc,B.Ed
15. Kaberi Das (ash) PGT M.sc,B.Ed
16. Lohita Nag PGT M.A,B.Ed
17. Subrata Bhattacharya PGT M.sc,B.Ed
18. Bipasa Palit PGT M.sc,B.Ed
19. Mahua Das PGT M.sc,B.Ed
20. Bipul Paul PGT M.A,B.ed
21. Barnali Paul PGT M.A,B.Ed
22. Sumana Guha Roy Acharya PGT M.sc,B.Ed
23. Lopamudra Ghosh PGT M.A,B.Ed
24. Swaraasikha Roy PGT M.A,B.ed
25. Sangita Sinha Roy PGT M.sc,B.Ed
26. Lukanya Pal PGT M.A ,B.Ed
27. Tanushree Kangsha Banik PGT M.sc,B.Ed
28. Meenu Verma PGT M.A,B.Ed
29. Etu Das PGT M.sc,B.Ed
30. Keka Roy PGT M.A,B.Ed

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